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elona therapy is your companion during psychotherapy, always there for you when you need it.

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Why elona therapy can be useful for you

Additional support in everyday life between sessions

Access all the important exercises from your therapy that have helped you at any time – whether relaxation exercises, interesting facts about your mental stress and much more. With elona therapy you have your entire therapy in your pocket – coordinated with your therapist.

Structure your day and reflect your mood

elona therapy supports you in establishing new routines through regular daily tasks. In addition, you can keep a mood diary to record your mood, emotions, symptoms and thoughts. elona therapy can help you access your feelings.

Prepare your next session

Sometimes you have so much going on in your daily life that you don't ask yourself what you want to discuss with your therapist until just before the session. Write down questions you would like to address in your therapy session and see what exercises you have been working on since your last therapy session to best prepare yourself for your next therapy session.

No cost for you

elona therapy depression is already reimbursed by all health insurance companies

elona therapy depression is free of charge for all people with statutory health insurance. Since the treatment is reimbursed by all health insurance companies, you do not have to worry about additional costs. We recommend that you ask your therapist to prescribe elona therapy depression in order to benefit from all the advantages. Many private health insurance companies also reimburse elona therapy depression. Reimbursement for anxiety and panic treatment is expected to follow this summer.

What elona therapy users say

* The names have been pseudonymised.

Working with the app has given me back so much quality of life over the last few weeks and I have noticed how carefree I can go through life again.


Manuela B.

With the app, you can deal with your problems much more often on your own. I don't have to wait until the next session, but think more and more often: "Okay, maybe I can even help myself in this situation with elona therapy.


Aylin S.

Having access to the app gave me more autonomy. I felt I could deal with a problem between sessions without having to wait a whole week for the next session. I thought the app was great. The content was very interesting and practical.


Sebastian L.

elona therapy has totally helped me to sort and re-set myself. The mixture of therapy sessions and exercises in the app was really great. You only need a few minutes a day and you have a great preparation for the next session.


Jonas T.

In treatments without elona therapy, you go home after the session and are alone for a week. But with the app you have additional support. It did me a lot of good.


Anne V.

Frequently asked questions

What is elona therapy?

elona therapy is a digital health application developed in collaboration with psychotherapists that can be used to accompany therapy for anxiety disorders, depressive disorders and hypochondriacal disorders. elona therapy accompanies and supports outpatient psychotherapy with disorder-specific interventions. The content available in elona therapy is based on the therapy method of cognitive behavioral therapy.

How do I use elona therapy?

elona therapy is available as a native app for Android and iOS. You use elona therapy mainly between your regular therapy sessions. You get the opportunity to log your mood, work on exercises independently, repeat them and set reminders for exercises and upcoming sessions. In this way, you can consolidate what you have learned in therapy and transfer it more easily into your everyday life. In addition, you can provide daily information about your condition, which your therapist can view if necessary. Your therapist has the possibility to individualize the course of elona therapy and adapt it to your treatment progress.

What is the content in elona therapy based on?

The content available to you in elona therapy is based on the procedure of cognitive behavioral therapy. For each mental disorder specific interventions have been developed in behavioral therapy based on numerous scientific studies. What we know today about the experience, behavior and treatment of people with depression and anxiety disorders thus forms the essential basis for the exercises in elona therapy.

Thus, on the one hand, elona therapy provides psychoeducational content about the underlying mental illness (depression, anxiety/panic disorders and somatoform disorders) and living with this illness (e.g. symptoms; comorbidities; models of development and maintenance; relationship between thoughts, emotions and behavior; behavioral analyses). Similarly, sufferers also gain access to exercises, methods, and techniques that extend outpatient psychotherapeutic treatment into the sufferer's daily life. For the treatment of depression, this includes established psychotherapeutic approaches such as behavioral activation (building and planning activities), cognitive restructuring (recognizing, dealing with, and changing automatic thoughts, cognitive distortions, and basic assumptions), emotion regulation (knowing, Managing and regulating emotions), Social Skills and Competencies (psychoeducation and behavioral training), Mindfulness & Acceptance (reflecting on personal values, accepting build-up of unwanted feelings and thoughts), and Relapse Prevention (recognizing early warning symptoms, crisis planning). For the depression module, the contents of relaxation (progressive muscle relaxation, imagination, mindfulness and meditation) are also suitable.

For the treatment of an anxiety/panic disorder, elona therapy also uses established approaches such as psychoeducation (knowledge transfer) on the nature of anxiety, disorder patterns, comorbidities, models of development and maintenance, behavioral analyses and self-observation, exposure procedures (knowledge transfer, preparation, implementation and debriefing), cognitive interventions, emotion regulation (knowledge transfer, handling and regulation of emotions), aspects from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) for anxiety, and relapse prevention (recognition of early warning symptoms, crisis planning, handling relapses). For both disorders, the contents of relaxation (progressive muscle relaxation, imagination, mindfulness and meditation) are also suitable.

How do I get access to elona therapy?

Your therapist can prescribe you elona therapy depression by means of a prescription. You can submit the prescription to your health insurance company online, by phone or by mail. Within a few working days, you will receive a digital activation code and can download elona therapy from your app store and start using it.

How safe is it to use elona therapy?

As a CE-marked medical device (MDD, Class I), elona therapy meets high requirements for psychological-medical quality, information security and data protection. These requirements are regulated by the European Medical Device Regulation (MDR) and the Health Applications Regulation (DiGAV). For example, Elona Health is certified by TÜV SÜD for the production of digital health applications in accordance with ISO/IEC 27001. All data is stored encrypted on German servers and meets the standards of the German Data Protection Regulation (DSGVO). At elona therapy your data is treated strictly confidential. It will not be used for commercial purposes. You have the right to obtain information about your data or request its deletion at any time in accordance with the DSGVO. You can also find more information on our website under Security & Trust. Here you can find the complete privacy policy of the elona therapy app. Here you can find the full privacy policy of the Elona Health GmbH website.

Can my therapist(s) see my data?

Your therapist has the possibility to provide you with certain parts of the diagnostics (e.g. questionnaires) via elona therapy. Your therapist has access to this information by default. Under the settings you can specify in the "Visibility" section if you want to give your therapist(s) the possibility to get more information about the following areas: Therapy progress, i.e. which exercises you have worked on; Check-Ups, i.e. the course of your symptomatology; Therapy reflection. This information can help your therapist to tailor the therapy even better to you and to support you in the best possible way. Important: Only scale entries are shared, never free text entries. All other exercises are not visible to your therapist.

Is any special prior knowledge of digital applications necessary?

No. You don't need to be particularly tech-savvy to use elona therapy. The exercises are user-friendly and self-explanatory, so you should quickly find your way around elona therapy.

How is my data stored?

Your personal data is pseudonymized in elona therapy, encrypted and stored exclusively on German servers to ensure the greatest possible data and information security.

I have private insurance, how does reimbursement work here?

It is best to first contact your health insurance company and see if they will cover DiGAs like elona therapy depression. Then get a doctor's note from your therapist and buy a license for elona therapy depression here. Submit the doctor's letter and the invoice to your insurance company.

You want to start?

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