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Privately insured persons and self-payers can purchase elona therapy themselves and, if necessary, have the costs reimbursed by their private health insurance.

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Frequently asked questions

What do I have to do to use elona therapy as a self-payer:in?

To use elona therapy as a self-payer:in, you need an activation code for the respective module (Depression or Anxiety & Panic), which you can purchase here via our website. After receiving your code, download elona therapy from either Google Play or the Apple App Store and enter your activation code during the registration process.

How much does it cost and how long can I use elona therapy?

The activation codes for elona therapy are each valid for 90 days. The cost of one license is €535.49.

What else do I need to consider?

Please note that elona therapy can only be used during a psychotherapeutic treatment in connection with your therapist. Please consult with your therapist before making a purchase.

You have more questions?

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