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We develop evidence-based and sustainable solutions for patient-centered psychotherapy.


Challenges in mental healthcare

up to 65 %

of people with depression or anxiety disorders relapse after completing their treatment.

up to 79 %

of people with depression or anxiety disorders do not receive professional treatment.

is the average duration of psychotherapeutic treatment.

Challenges for


Treatment choice

Patients do not know which treatment is right for them.


Treatment access

On average, patients in Germany wait more than 5 months for a psychotherapeutic treatment.


Quality of treatment

There are no uniform quality criteria that distinguish high-quality care.

Challenges for



38 % of therapists' time is not spent with their patients.


Job satisfaction

therapists are not satisfied with the cooperation and adherence of 50 % of their patients.


Paper-heavy processes

Documentation, forms, mailing of letters and worksheets increase the administrative burden.


We believe that everyone should get the best possible support to manage mental illness.

We are on a mission to rethink mental healthcare. Learn more about how we are contributing to digital and technology-enabled care that puts people first.

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Our digital solutions

For patients

Whether before, during or after therapy - we develop solutions that accompany and optimally support you in every phase of your therapy.

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For therapists

You know your patients best. That's why we develop tools that help you provide the best possible care.

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The digital therapy companion: elona therapy

Supportive content, exercises and features to extend therapy into everyday life.

Our aspiration


Approved medical devices

We place the highest value on psychological-medical quality and conformity to European medical product regulations.


Based on science

Our solutions are continuously evaluated and collaboratively developed with our scientific partners.


High standards for data security

Elona Health is certified by TÜV Süd according to ISO EN27001. All data is stored encrypted. European servers meet the highest standards of the GDPR.


Tomorrow's psychotherapeutic practice

Lower administrative overhead and the commitment to high therapeutic quality are the hallmarks of our partner practices - all with a feel-good factor for patients and therapists alike.

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